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ZennoPoster Crack With Serial Key Free Download

In just a few minutes with ZennoPoster, you will be able to automate any kind of work in a web browser, which you used to do manually. Your capabilities will increase many times through automation. Increase your earnings on the Internet with ZennoPoster! In a couple of days, you’ll create dozens of logs, parsers, banners, uploaders, social bookmarks, and much, much more! Do you spend too much time in the routine? Do you have many ideas, but you are not able to make them come true? Don’t have time to study programming, but want to automate your work?

Pay a lot of money to programmers and freelancers? Are you good at programming, but tired of tracking requests and debugging scripts? Then this program is for you! Allows running projects in multiple threads! You just need to press Record and perform your actions on a required website. All your actions will be recorded in the program in simple and easy-to-understand flow charts. The ProjectMaker application for creating projects has a built-in browser based on Mozilla Firefox. The browser has a smart page element highlighting feature.

Without efficient methods of searching for content online, the Internet would not be as useful as it is today. As such, simple or advanced algorithms are constantly employed in an effort to increase the visibility of websites. It is precisely with such SEO optimization tasks that ZennoPoster can help its users. The program is an advanced solution for automated SEO tasks and, if configured correctly, it can automatically register for blogs and forum profiles, analyze search engines and websites, post to blogs, and upload files to exchange services.


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At the same time, the powerful features of the application can be used to test the readability of an online resource, as well as to check its protection against bots. The SEO suite consists of two complementary modules, the “ProjectMaker” and the “ZennoPoster”. While the later element is responsible for automating tasks, search engine optimization events are created with the first component. When creating tasks, the program will automatically load and display any URL address with its multi-tab browser.

Analysis steps are created in a very intuitive way, as users literally draw their projects through simple graphical elements linked with logical connectors. Among the elements that can be used are profile and variable processors, table or tab operators, as well as HTTP GET and POST requests. In short, ZennoPoster is a powerful solution for website administrators as it allows them to automate SEO tasks. The program can generate new projects to analyze user-defined websites, as well as post comments to blogs; the construction of new tasks is done in a highly intuitive and logical way.,

ZennoPoster 5 is intended for SEO experts, webmasters, and people who are very active on the Internet. The software allows recording human actions on websites, blogs, and forums (filling in forms, clicking on links, posting messages) and repeating them in multiple threads (professional version). The program also provides anonymity through proxies, processed by a powerful built-in proxy checker. Internet marketers of the old days may know the difficulties that existed before automation. One had to do everything on one’s own and it took months before one could enjoy the results. Internet marketing was a tedious, hard, and slow process.


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Gone are those old days thanks to marketing automation tools introduced to save marketers from spending a lot of time and energy on the process and waiting a long time for results. ZennoPoster is one of the most popular SEO automation tools that offers an all-in-one solution to ease and automate internet marketing tasks. In this article, we review this tool in detail and learn how to use it to get the most out of it. Intended to help programming novices create bots without having to use any programming knowledge.

ZennoPoster is basically a macro shell that can be configured to perform various tasks. It is an all-in-one SEO automation tool and can automate any work you used to do manually in a browser. It can work as a poster, analyzer, logger, search engine scraper, social bookmark, Autoblog poster, article poster, YouTube uploader, page rank checker, account builder, and much more. ZennoPoster is an advanced solution for website administrators, and if configured correctly, it can automatically register for forum and blog profiles, analyze websites and search engines, publish videos and blogs, and upload files to services.

The software offers powerful features that allow you to test the load capacity of any online resource and check its protection against bots. Using ZennoPoster to automate tasks is simple. Just hit the ‘Record’ button and perform the actions on the website. All actions will be recorded as a macro. The software has a built-in browser based on Firefox to help you create projects easily. This browser has a smart page element highlighting feature. ZennoPoster is designed to be simple and requires no special skills to get started. It offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface with no complexities.

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You get a familiar browser with multiple tabs and address bars to work with. The human emulation system ensures that the actions performed on the websites appear to be performed by real people.  The web page analytics feature offers useful tools like element highlighting, object inspection, traffic analysis, and more. It has a multi-threading capability that allows you to run projects on a large number of threads at a time.

ZennoPoster also allows you to create multiple user profiles to work as a different user each time you visit the site. A powerful and efficient proxy checker allows you to search for proxies automatically. With full database management and support, it’s easier to work with lists, spreadsheets, and long text. The integrated client allows it to work with FTP servers.


  • ZennoPoster – it’s simple
  • It requires no special skills to get started.
  • multiple threads
  • Zenno Poster can run projects on dozens of threads simultaneously.
  • Data management
  • Easily work with large texts, lists, and MS Excel spreadsheets.
  • Visual drag and drop interface
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface without additional windows or complexities.
  • Recording of automated actions
  • Unique recording system that allows you to automatically record user actions in a project.
  • database support
  • Take full advantage of databases and SQL queries.
  • family browser
  • Familiar browser with the address bar and tabs.
  • user profiles
  • Zenno Poster allows you to log in as a different person every time you visit a site.
  • Macro support
  • More than 50 macros for all cases.
  • Human emulation system
  • Actions on the sites will appear to be performed by a real person.
  • Powerful proxy checker
  • Powerful proxy checker Easy and effective configurable proxy checker with the function to search for proxies automatically.
  • own code
  • You can add your C# code and class libraries.
  • web page analysis
  • Object inspector, element highlighting, traffic analysis, and more tools.
  • Features:
  • multiple threads
  • Virtual drag and drop interface
  • Automatic recording of templates
  • Powerful proxy checker
  • emulator system
  • advanced disguise
  • Support for controlling the browser from your code
  • Unique nickname generation system.
  • Macro support
  • mail client
  • Mail management, search, and analysis of relevant emails.
  • FTP support
  • Built-in client to work with FTP servers.

System requirements:

It can run on Microsoft Windows XP, VISTA, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

It can also run on Mac OS and Linux operating systems.

Minimum 2.0 GHz processor required.

512MB of RAM must be required.

It can only work on 32 and 64 bits.

At least a 200 MB Disk must be needed.

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