TagSpaces 5.0.2 Crack With Full Torrent 2023 Latest


TagSpaces 5.0.2 Crack With Full Torrent 2023

TagSpaces is an open-source and offline file manager software for PC. Helps organize your files and folders with tags and colors. Organize your photos, documents, music, recipes, or invoices using tags in the same way on Windows, macOS, Linux, or Android. It features basic file management operations, so it can be used as a simple file manager. You can set custom colors for each folder and tag, making visual search an easy step. You can add a custom thumbnail and text description for each file or folder.

Unlike most file tagging applications, it does not proceed with tags in a centralized manner. As a result, the added identifying information for the seller is not secured. TagSpaces provides you with a convenient user interface for your local files and folders. It is implemented in JavaScript and HTML5 using Google’s Material Design model. Since version 3, the app offers dark mode and support for UI themes. TagSpaces products can be used as an alternative to Evernote’s note-taking and web-scraping functionality. You can create and edit notes in plain text, trademark, or HTML file formats.

You can create and organize to-do lists in a kind of personal offline wiki to keep track of your projects, ideas, or memories. As you use your computer, different files and folders will accumulate on your drives, so you should organize and sort them accordingly. Procrastinating or not doing it will distract everything, making it stressful to find what you’re looking for How does one organize their things properly, then? Group items that interest you into specific folders, rename them, or put them on an external drive – we’ve all done it.

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But what if there was a program dedicated to making everything simpler? Tag your files and folders with TagSpaces and make them easier to find: just type the keyword, and you’ll get to it. Getting started with this program is quick and easy. The interface and functions of the program are easily understood, so navigating through the application should not be a problem for anyone. The design is loosely reminiscent of the way File Explorer handles things, which makes tagging your items simpler.

As for the tagging itself, it’s as easy as selecting the files and folders you want to find easily, and then clicking the little white tick icon near the top of the layout. Here you will be able to type one or more tags – you will need to press Enter after typing each one – and then prompt to add them, that’s the gist of it. If you want to find tagged entries, you can do so by entering their keywords into Windows Search, and you’ll be right there.

When you start the application for the first time, you will be asked to choose a method of tagging files: don’t worry, they can be modified freely in the settings menu later. You can either choose the option to rename the file, which will include the mark in the file name, or the Sidecar File method, which is more complicated. Sidecar tags work by storing the tag in an additional .json file. We can’t decide which method is best – we found the tagged files without a problem in both cases.


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It is an interesting program to use: it helps with organization, and when files and folders pile up, having such programs at your disposal can help a bunch. TagSpaces is an application that will help you tag files and folders to better control the files on your computer and enable your computer to be better organized and get rid of unorganized spaces. Having a lot of files and folders on your computer is completely normal. It happens when you download a lot of files from the Internet that you might use for entertainment or work,

it also happens when you have a lot of multimedia files that you use, such as music, photos, videos, and other types of files. Fortunately, you can easily organize them with the right tools for the job. One such tool is TagSpaces, a simple application that will help you ensure that your files are neatly organized by attaching tags to them. It will allow you to search for your files by tags, allowing you to get to the file you are looking for faster.

This application works in a very simple way. You have to select the files you want to work with within the app and then add the tags you want to set to the file. It ensures that some files are organized with the same tags that you can use to make similar files organized together, allowing you to access them quickly. And then, once you search for that file, you can use search and find it by tags. You can also sort your files by format so that you can access them faster when needed.


  • Easy labeling of files and folders:

The app supports adding tags to files and folders, in a transparent way, not a vendor lock method, and yes, drag and drop is supported.

  • Tags library with colored tags:

You can organize your tags by topic into groups, for example, the ‘Family’ tag group can contain tags with the names of your family members, which are useful for tagging photos. In addition, you can assign different colors to your tags.

  • Desktop search:

Application support search for files in your current location. It can be searched explicitly for certain tags.

  • User Interface Attributes:

Currently, Tag Spaces supports light and dark themes, which can be toggled with one click.

  •  Manage files and folders:

It features a set of basic file and folder management operations such as creating, renaming, moving, and deleting.

  • Go even further with extensions:

The application can be extended with additional viewers and editors for different types of files and views for visualizing folder structures.

  • Features:
  • Organize your photos, recipes, or invoices the same way on each platform.
  • With the help of tags, you can do better research or you can manage projects with the methodology of getting things done
  • The application persists in the tags in the file names. As a result, the tagging information is not unlocked by the seller and can be used even without the app. The lack of a database makes it easy to synchronize metatag information across different devices
  • It features basic file management operations, so it is a kind of tag-based file manager
  • Create and edit notes in plain text, MARKDOWN, and HTML file formats.
  • Organize web pages saved in MHT or MHTML format.
  • Organize your e-book library, which contains for example PDF or EPUB books.
  • Create a personal wiki to keep track of your projects, ideas, or memories.

What’s New in this Version?

  • – Making access to S3 containers as non-professional feature locations
  • Provide a free and open-source web version of the application
  • Improved integration of saved search queries by adding a dropdown list as a shortcut
  • Redesigned quick access area by adding bookmarks, lists of recently opened/edited files and folders
  • Enable preview images in AVIF file format
  • Allow the current file to be opened multiple times in a new window or tab
  • Support to create new application instances in a separate window or tab by clicking on the application logo or file list
  • Added the ability to open geotags in an online map service such as OpenStreetMap
  • Added button to clear custom guide perspective settings
  • Added a button to open the parent folder of the current file in the app

System requirements:

  • It can run on Microsoft Windows XP, VISTA, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.
  • It can also run on Mac OS and Linux operating systems.
  • Minimum 2.0 GHz processor required.
  • 512MB of RAM must be required.
  • It can only work on 32 and 64-bits.
  • At least a 200 MB Disk must be needed.

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TagSpaces 5.0.2 Crack With Full Torrent 2023