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PTGui Pro

PTGui Pro 12.13 Crack With Full Keygen Free Download

PTGui Pro is a panoramic image merging for Windows and macOS developed by New House Internet Services BV. PTGui was created as a graphical user interface in front of Helmut Dersch Panorama Tools. It features its own mixing and blending engine along with compatibility with Panorama Tools.PTGui is an advanced panorama software that has a high level of control over every step of the sewing process. Originally developed as a graphical user interface on Panorama’s powerful but encrypted command line tools, it has evolved into full-fledged applications for Windows and Mac OS X.

PTGui Pro is capable of stitching multi-row panoramic images up to a 360° x 180° field of view with virtually no resolution limit and can produce gigapixel panoramic images. It also provides automatic compensation for image tilt, vignetting, and exposure conflict, making it completely resilient to input problems. It supports the usual 8-bit workflow, as well as a 16-bit workflow to improve image quality. There are two versions of PTGui, the Standard version and the Pro version reviewed here. There are no restrictions on image size and both versions support 16-bit workflows.

The differences between the professional and standard versions mostly fall into the category of batch processing or HDR & Exposure-Fusion. The first is a useful feature for high volume production of panoramic images such as time-lapse photography. The latter allows PTGui Pro to automatically detect and perform HDR blending or Exposure-Fusion, saving the need for separate HDR software and allowing creation of HDR panoramic images. PTGui starts right away with two windows open. The main window appears with a single tab called Project Assistant which provides a fully automated workflow.

PTGui Pro

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One can jump right into the manual workflow by clicking on the appropriately labeled “Advanced Options” button. No matter what initial workflow is chosen, PTGui provides complete control over the entire process. Completing each step causes the corresponding advanced tab to appear and populate it with the chosen values ​​automatically. This allows the user to modify any parameter and, to some extent, get a better understanding of how the process works. For example, the image upload phase enables the Source and Mask Images tabs.

The mask feature is very useful for working with moving objects and allows the user to draw over areas that will be included or excluded from the panorama. It is clear that such areas must be overlapping or else there will be discontinuities. The second window is the panorama editor. This is where parameters can be adjusted interactively by processing the entire panorama or individual images. The interactive experience varies greatly depending on the complexity of the panorama. It can range from a little choppy for a panorama of a few photos to very slow for a complex photo.

PTGui Pro produces high-quality images with excellent clarity throughout the frame and distinguishes itself by exceptional blending across the seams. Automatic sewing is fine and works well most of the time. It fails to stitch things properly at about the same rate as MS ICE, so it’s a bit behind Autostitch. The main difference is that PTGui allows modification of the control points, so that one can improve the automatic solution. The HDR capabilities of PTGui Pro are a great asset.

PTGui Pro

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It turns out that most photographers considering HDR actually prefer Exposure-Fusion, a lighter process that produces easily usable results since there’s no need for tonal mapping. Color mapping is the step usually responsible for damaging HDR images. With Exposure-Fusion, tone mapping has been integrated into the algorithm which gives generally natural looking results. PTGui Pro performs Exposure-Fusion very well, leaving minimal noticeable halos and other artifacts. There are also parameters to tweak the parameters specifically for Exposure-Fusion in case a different look is desired.

PTGui can also use HDR photos as input and produce HDR output or perform its own HDR blending to produce HDR panorama from LDR photos. Given the comprehensive image alignment technology required to correlate panoramic images, it’s no surprise that PTGui can perfectly blend unaligned exposure arcs, even supporting handheld shots. The performance of PTGui Pro is rather good. For the 3×8MP panoramic sample used in previous reviews, it took 40 seconds, matching the Autopano Giga and leaving only MS ICE faster than it. Larger panoramas affect performance with exponentially increased complexity.

Giving PTGui a 50 times larger panorama took 4 hours instead. If scaled linearly, it should take about 30 minutes.While the name is debatable, PTGui Pro is an app that will wow panorama photographers. It is great if you want to create amazing panoramic photos. In fact, you will need some knowledge to be able to achieve perfection or near perfection, but this specific program puts every imaginable tool at your disposal. The interface is clean, while all the settings are placed where one would expect them to be in the first place.

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Before actually creating any panoramic images, you will have to manage the source images. With that said, be sure to select the images you want to use, bearing in mind that the order in which you place them is also appropriate. If for some reason you get the wrong order, PTGui Pro will give you a chance to rearrange your selection. Then, proceed to tweak the aspects that you feel you need to tweak, including lens settings, image parameters, control points, exposure, or HDR. All of these things become relevant when you try to master the art of panoramas.

PTGui Pro provides all users with the same tools. However, it is up to each individual individually to utilize their full potential. For example, adding control points is not necessarily mandatory, but the more you add, the more instructions the app has in the compositing process. Likewise, adding lenses or masks depends on what you want your final product to look like. If you’re really advanced and want to have as much control as possible, the Pro version of the app is probably right for you as it has additional features that handle HDR stitching, vignetting, and exposure.


  • Fast

PTGui blazing fast! Thanks to OpenCL GPU acceleration, PTGui can stitch a 1 GB panorama in about 25 seconds on modest hardware.

  • Automatic

Just drop your photos into PTGui and it will see how they overlap. PTGui can stitch multiple rows of images and supports all lenses, including fish.

  • Strong

PTGui gives you complete control over the outcome, allowing you to create perfect panoramas even for challenging scenes, where other sewing tools fail.

  • Spherical panorama

Create fully 360° x 180° spherical panoramas. PTGui includes interactive panorama viewers for local viewing on your computer, and for embedding in a web page.

  • Gigapixel panorama

Or you can stitch hundreds or even thousands of photos together into stunning images with billions of pixels. Create sharp images even when printed in meters!


  • 1 GB panorama = 0.5 minutes
  • Thousands of photos stitched into 1
  • 360° x 180° spherical panorama
  • Edit lens type, wide angle, focal length
  • Hide or highlight areas of the image
  • Crop or overlap
  • HDR effect
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Full software name: PTGui Pro
  • Developed by: New House Internet Services BV
  • License type: trial

At the End:

  • PTGui Pro provides very good output quality and a large amount of control over the stitching process. While there is an automated workflow that is moderately easy to follow, true beginners may find it somewhat overwhelming. On the other hand, users who want to take control of their panoramas will greatly benefit from PTGui’s transparency. Since the automated workflow drives the process, setting parameters as it goes, it becomes easy to experiment with tweaking parts of the process.
  • Both the output quality and the running speed are really good. PTGui Pro really stands out with its blending algorithm that maintains excellent sharpness along the seams and makes them invisible. Built-in Exposure Fusion is also a big plus, providing an all-in-one workflow for creating panoramic photos of high-contrast scenes. All in all, this product will certainly appeal to users who take the time to perfect their panoramas and demand high-quality rendering.

System requirements:

  • It can run on Microsoft Windows XP, VISTA, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.
  • It can also run on Mac OS and Linux operating systems.
  • Minimum 2.0 GHz processor required.
  • 512MB of RAM must be required.
  • It can only work on 32 and 64 bits.
  • At least a 200 MB Disk must be needed.

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