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Discover all the IT assets in your network without having to install any software on your devices. Lansweeper finds and collects information about all assets, listing hardware specifications, installed software, user details, and much more. Eliminate one of the biggest hurdles in IT, gain a complete and comprehensive view of your network, and save valuable time and resources. All your hardware, software, and users, all in one place.  Lansweeper integrates all asset details into a central web-based logging system. It provides companies with complete visibility into their distributed IT.

Environments, informing them of which assets they own, where they are located, who uses them, and much more. Clicking on the individual asset history allows you to see all the exact information that Lansweeper has collected. Get the answers you need in no time. Need a quick overview of all the printers in the office or the serial numbers of all your computers? Need a demo of all the new devices found in the last 24 hours? Choose from over 400 ready-made devices, and network-ready reports, or create custom reports in a matter of minutes.

Get a complete and detailed inventory of your IT assets wherever they are: on-premises, cloud instances, or mobile endpoints. Bypass the huge amount of asset information retrieved by default and get a complete and up-to-date asset inventory. Choose from over 400 ready-made reports, or ready-made reports, or create custom reports in a matter of minutes. Set up dashboards for a comprehensive view of your IT. It is a software solution designed to provide network administrators with a simple and effective tool for hardware and software auditing.


Lansweeper Crack With Serial Key Latest Version

Lansweeper makes it possible to scan an entire network and extract detailed information about the software installed on each connected and running computer. This way, you are always up to date on the speed regarding which apps are being used, which version they are running and most of all, you can check for license and manufacturer information. Furthermore, Lansweeper can alert you of any hardware changes, whether a component is removed or changed, and you are instantly notified of the situation.

Lansweeper is not an app for the faint-hearted when it comes to network monitoring as it can be confusing if you don’t have any experience with this type of software. This is not to say that it is not easy to use it is very well organized and offers a comprehensive interface, but it takes a good two minutes to go into the details of each function to understand it. Besides the tabbed structure, the app also consists of multiple panels that you can edit, reposition and remove at any time making Lansweeper a versatile tool.

You can rearrange its layout and create new tabs that you can customize with the tools you need. Lansweeper provides a wide range of report templates that you can use. They come in categories like Active Directory, Assets, Autorun, Bus, Graph, Licensing, Network, Services, Software, Workstation, and more. Each report can be exported to XLS, CSV, and XML formats. It can be customized to suit your needs and you can create your template well from scratch using only the information you need to extract.


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Keeping the above in mind and discovering more, Lansweeper is truly a monitoring and reporting tool that can meet and exceed any demand you have. Lansweeper is an agentless IT asset management solution that can inspect any network setup. Target IP ranges, set up integrated ad scanning, select important servers to scan, and much more! Get a complete inventory of all workstations, servers, routers, switches, monitors, printers, VoIP phones, and many other network devices. A wealth of information about hardware as well as software is examined and made available for reporting.

Use the inventory to deploy software automatically and run command lines on assets with the integrated deployment feature. Get information, find problems and proactively fix them. Simplify and automate time-consuming everyday tasks or get an update on that global project you’re running, Lansweeper brings you the tools. In addition, Lansweeper Help Desk is fully integrated with a mature IT asset management solution. This perfect match provides a single sign-on environment for any connection related to your network.

Asset-linked tickets provide a means to professionally record and document all relevant cases, while IT inventory enables the ticketing system by instantly fetching relevant information scanned across your network. Lansweeper is an IT asset management platform provider that helps companies understand, manage, and protect their IT devices and networks. Lansweeper helps customers Reduce risk and optimize their IT assets by providing actionable insights into their IT infrastructure at all times, providing trustworthy, valuable, and accurate insights into the status of users, hardware and software.


  • Software inventory:

With the application, it is easy to track and review all your installed software, you can generate powerful software inventory reports to see which application is installed on any computer. Unknown programs and publishers from Google directly from the web interface and find out who is running out of date software.

  • Network inventory:

The software can not only detect all the devices on your computers, but by tracking their change, it can know when the device has been changed or removed. It not only scans Windows devices but also gathers details about all other IP-enabled devices on your network from the network discovery scan. (Linux, printers, routers,

  • IT Asset Management:

The app’s asset management features give you an instant overview of all the devices in your network. Keep track of which assets are currently in use and anything in stock, and if you choose, keep track of anything active in your network. Set asset states manually (eg “inventory”, “in repair”) or use the database cleanup options to list only current devices.

  • CMDB ITIL Configuration Database:

Lansweeper’s CMDB options allow you to inspect assets as well as manually add assets to the web console. Use the New Asset button to create or import assets from a CSV file. You can then group your assets, put assets on the map, create relationships with other assets or users, and more.

What Is New?

  • Changed: LAN-10499 To facilitate accurate device identification, approximately 18,000 new entries have been added to the SNMP OID search list under an origin mapping configuration
  • Fixed: LAN-14051 The scan server will no longer query the database every 5 seconds to change the configuration. The query is now executed when a change is detected.
  • FIXED: LAN-13957 The default entry in OID lookup has been removed so that certain printer models are not detected as generic “HP printer”.
  • Fixed: LAN-13402 Older CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux are now correctly recognized as operating systems when a Linux scan is performed.

System requirements:

  • It can run on Microsoft Windows XP, VISTA, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.
  • It can also run on Mac OS and Linux operating systems.
  • Minimum 2.0 GHz processor required.
  • 512MB of RAM must be necessary.
  • It can only work on 32 and 64-bits.
  • At least a 200 MB Disk must be needed.

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