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FastRawViewer opens RAW files very quickly and displays them on the go, rather than just viewing embedded JPEGs. It allows the photographer to see RAW exactly as the converter “sees” it, without any delays or waiting time, ensuring that RAW images can be sorted and output at lightning speed based on the quality of the RAW itself, not the JPEG previews. The RAW-based tools in FastRawViewer (unique tools such as RAW histogram, RAW stats, Shadow Boost, Highlight Inspection, Focus Peaking, Display Per Channel, as well as familiar tools such as Exposure Compensation, White Balance, Contrast Curve.

Allow one to estimate what they will be able to The converter can compress RAW image data and make initial adjustments to the RAW file, which will be read and applied by Adobe converters.  FastRawViewer provides tools to classify, categorize, sort, and filter images from any number of RAW images. FastRawViewer is very easy to use and integrates seamlessly with any existing RAW workflow.

Speed ​​up the conversion of all RAW files with FastRawViewer 2.0 software from LibRaw LLC. This powerful workflow tool allows you to review and edit your RAW footage with confidence because what you see is exactly what you got when shooting. The software’s built-in RAW converter provides real-time rendering of unmodified RAW footage, captured by the camera in full color and in R/G/B per channel view, allowing you to assess detail and noise levels in each channel.


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Additional technical evaluation tools, such as RAW histogram, overexposure and exposure stats, and stats, focus increase, and shadow enhancement, also relies directly on RAW data, not JPEG preview. You can instantly apply RAW-specific adjustments to your screen preview, allowing you to fine-tune the studio setting or present target images to the client on the go. When working with a large sequence of similar images, spread adjustments made to a single file can be quickly applied to the entire group. All modifications are non-destructive; The program does not modify image files in any way.

Modifications are recorded as XMP side files to be captured by Adobe Raw converters. The work environment is fully customizable, allowing you to modify the display of metadata, keyboard shortcuts, preferences, and program windows to your liking. FastRawViewer supports almost all RAW formats and over 800 cameras, with frequent updates to support DSLRs and new mobile models. The program can read files from any media, from a flash card to a network server, without creating intermediate image databases, avoiding unnecessary delays and freeing up disk space.

It works on a variety of 32/64-bit Windows operating systems and most Intel-based Macs with 64-bit support. This version of FastRawViewer is delivered as a download, and the license key can be installed on up to two computers simultaneously. No matter what software one uses for post-processing photographs, the process of choosing which photos to keep and work on, also known as “picking,” can be quite a pain when dealing with thousands of photos.


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This becomes even more painful when working with RAW images because operating systems usually do not have built-in capabilities to display and display RAW files correctly. Many photographers end up keeping all their RAW photos on their PC, because they don’t want to go through the hassle of deleting bad photos  They’ll never use, only to realize the extra time that their hard drives are filling up quickly and the post-processing time is taking much longer.

Those who try to exclude images in Lightroom know that if the full-size image preview is not created at the time of import, it can take a long time to display each image. Unfortunately, Lightroom is very poor at quickly previewing photos, so professionals and business enthusiasts usually end up supplementing the execution portion of their workflow with additional software like Photo Mechanic. However, at $150, Photo Mechanic costs about the same as the retail version of Lightroom, becoming a cost barrier for many.

Enter FastRawViewer, an amazingly fast and really inexpensive RAW file viewer has become my personal choice for image extraction. It was developed by the same people who created RawDigger – one of the best scientific tools for analyzing RAW images. In this review, I’ll take a closer look at FastRawViewer, review some of its features, and hopefully help you simplify both your workflow and your image storage/backup needs. FastRawViewer is a software tool for both PC and Mac, specially designed for the efficient viewing of RAW and DNG images.

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Unlike many RAW image viewers, FastRawViewer not only reads embedded JPEG images from RAW files but also displays RAW files like a normal RAW processor (such as Adobe Camera RAW, Lightroom, Aperture, etc.).


  • View the actual RAW as well as the actual RAW histogram.
  • For the first time, a comfortable speed for viewing RAW files (with graphs), provided by FastRawViewer
  • Support for just about every RAW format out there (ie almost every known digital camera)*, including
  • Instant rendering of RAW files directly from any memory card or other file storage – without the usual
  • View JPEG images (including embedded JPEG thumbnails) – also view graphs.
  • The convenience of working with shots taken in RAW + JPEG mode, pairing two files.
  • The possibility of making a quick visual and technical analysis.
  • Save time for series, including panoramic photos: spread white balance, exposure, and image orientation adjustments from a single shot to the entire series.
  • A highly compatible system for assigning labels and ratings to images, including user-defined labels. Reviews and labels are written in XMP files and read by Adobe programs (and other programs that recognize XMP profiles).
  • Copy and move the selected snapshots to folders selected by the user.
  • Move the rejected snapshots to a special folder that can be reviewed again later.
  • Transfer selected footage for further processing to a user-defined RAW converter directly from FastRawViewer.
  • Support for black and white RAW files, including footage from cameras, converted to black and white by removing the color filter matrix.

System requirements:

  • It can run on Microsoft Windows XP, VISTA, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.
  • It can also run on Mac OS and Linux operating systems.
  • Minimum 2.0 GHz processor required.
  • 512MB of RAM must be required.
  • It can only work on 32 and 64 bits.
  • At least a 200 MB Disk must be needed.

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