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Evernote is the software that keeps your notes organized for desktop computers. Notes are synced so they’re accessible from anywhere and searchable, so you’ll always find what you need. Evernote allows you to capture information in any environment using any device or platform that works for you and makes that information accessible and searchable anytime, anywhere. Use this tool to take notes, create to-do lists, clip entire web pages, manage passwords, and record audio. Everything added to Evernote is automatically synced across platforms and devices and is searchable.

Evernote will even recognize typed or handwritten text in photos and images. Evernote is an all-in-one app that provides an intuitive workspace for managing notes, ideas, lists, and events in one place. It is useful for personal and business purposes. The tool has a portable counterpart to transfer all your notes on a USB drive and offers support for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry devices. It syncs the data to the cloud and can be accessed from the web interface. Registration for a free account is required to use this tool (no email confirmation required).

The interface is clean and attractive, with a well-organized layout divided into multiple panels. You can create notes, assign labels, format font settings, insert tables, horizontal rulers, hyperlinks, and checkboxes (for to-do lists), as well as word counts and resources. Feedback can be emailed or sent to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. In addition, it is possible to set source URLs, locations, and author details, export notes to ENEX, HTML, MHT or HTML format with filtered attributes, drag them to the “Shortcuts” panel for quick access, as well as create inking, audio or notes.

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Evernote lets you create or sync notebooks locally, designed to organize your notes by purpose. In addition, you can use a general search function and expand the functionality of the program by searching for compatible applications through the “Trunk”. Other options allow you to import data from Microsoft OneNote, attach files, print data, link your account with other users, use the spell checker, merge notes, monitor new and updated files and add Allows importing folders, customize toolbars, and configure hotkeys.

Enable quick access, and email notifications, and change the user interface language. The app has minimal impact on system performance, good response time, and optimal speed for data synchronization. When it comes down to it, Evernote offers great utility for managing notes across multiple platforms, backed by a highly intuitive workspace. Easily attach notes or create new notes directly from cards, and see real-time information for any notes attached to cards. Evernote PowerUp for Trello brings your notes to Trello Cards.

The file picker lets you search Evernote directly from Trello, attach related notes, and create new notes. See details in real-time, with links that take you directly to Evernote. Evernote helps you capture and organize ideas, projects, memos, and to-do lists so you never miss a thing. Write notes, attach documents, scan photos, take voice notes, or record from the web. Organize everything from big projects to personal moments in one place, accessible from your computer, tablet, or phone, even offline. Find the information you need quickly with a powerful search that recognizes handwritten words, images, and attachments.


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As the story goes, Pachekov explored the concept of a “backup brain” to help you store and organize information and spent six years developing the first prototype of the Evernote app. In 2008, the first invite-only beta version of Evernote was officially launched. The app took off, amassing more than 500,000 users by the end of the year. Currently, it has millions of users and is one of the top five note-taking apps worldwide. The Evernote app is free. There is a free version that anyone can sign up for but it has restrictions compared to the premium version.

The Evernote app has two premium plans. Personal and professional, and you can pay monthly or annually. The first costs $7.99 per month and the second $9.99 per month. There are significant discounts if you pay in one annual installment. You can take advantage of a 14-day free trial period to test each premium plan before deciding whether or not to buy it. You can also request a refund within two days of purchasing a monthly plan or within sixty days of purchasing an annual plan. Creating an Evernote account is very easy.

You can use your email or existing Google Account to do this. After completing the registration process, you can immediately access your Evernote dashboard. The first feature you should pay attention to is note-taking. Clicking the Create a note button will bring up the text area and editor. You can do many things here. You can make the text bold, italic, or underlined, change the text color, change the font, etc. Evernote has several note-taking templates you can choose from. These include reading lists, to-do lists, subject outlines, etc.

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These templates save you a lot of time that you would have otherwise spent creating something similar from scratch. After you create notes, you can organize them as different “notebooks” in the Evernote app. Suppose you are a college student taking five different courses in one semester, you can create separate notebooks for each course. You can also add unique tags to each note you create. These tags help you quickly organize and find your notes.

The app not only allows you to take notes. You can also save other important information such as photos, videos, and audio. We note an interesting feature; You can store emails in your Evernote board by forwarding them from your email address to a unique address assigned to your notebook. You can also capture and store website information with Evernote Web Clipper.



  • Write:

From short lists to lengthy research, no matter what form your writing takes, the software keeps you focused on taking those ideas from inspiration to completion.

  • Pick up:

Easily gather everything that matters. Clip web articles, capture handwritten notes and take photos to keep physical and digital details of your projects with you at all times.

  • To communicate:

Associate your work with people who help you with it. Communicate, collaborate and share in real-time with anyone in the world without ever leaving a note.

  • Current:

Have quick and efficient meetings while presenting your work as you prepare. No need to create slides, just one click, and your notes are transformed into a beautiful screen-friendly layout.


  • Links to Clipped Content – Allows you to easily extract rich content (formatted text, charts, tables, etc.) in any note from anywhere on the desktop using copy and paste or drag and drop. In addition, EverNote automatically adds a clickable link to the source, whether it’s from a web page or an MS Office document.
  • Support for multiple note formats: written text, web pages, emails, handwritten notes, photos, document clips, and digital snapshots.
  • Multiple Ways to Search Notes: EverNote lets you search notes visually, by time, by keyword, and automatically or manually by categories. Using advanced smart search, you can instantly find any note out of thousands, complete with a matching notes count.
  • Multiple Smart Categories: EverNote automatically categorizes notes for easy organization and retrieval, plus lets you manually assign one or multiple categories with a simple drag-and-drop.
  • Advanced Handwriting Recognition: Recognize and search for handwritten notes. Automatically optimize freehand shapes and graphics.
  • Tasks and other note templates: Allows you to easily enter and monitor form-based note “templates” such as to-do lists, shopping lists, travel itineraries, expense reports, and more.
  • Automatic Saving: No need to save notes manually: all notes included in Treadmill are automatically and reliably saved in the EverNote database.

What’s New?

  • Setting due dates for your tasks is now one click faster as we’ve added “Today” and “Tomorrow” options to the Task Details window.
  • Check out a roundup of the best features we’ve released over the past few months on our Q3 Recap blog.


  • Effortless note-taking and syncing
  • Powerful search
  • Excellent features
  • Flexible access to your notes


  • The free service level is very limited.
  • Expensive premium plan

System requirements:

  • It can run on Microsoft Windows XP, VISTA, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.
  • It can also run on Mac OS and Linux operating systems.
  • Minimum 2.0 GHz processor required.
  • 512MB of RAM must be required.
  • It can only work on 32 and 64-bits.
  • At least a 200 MB Disk must be needed.

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