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EasyWorship is a powerful yet simple worship presentation software for Windows PC. Organize your entire church service — lyrics, scriptures, announcements, videos, and sermon notes — in one place, quickly and efficiently. Experience software uniquely designed to meet the needs of churches large and small around the world. Make the EasyWorship app design work for you. Expand and collapse the resource area and schedule items as needed. You can also zoom in and out for custom preview thumbnails. And with EasyWorship’s Live Output View, you’ll be able to see exactly what your audience is watching.

Whether you know this feature as a stage screen, confidence monitor, or flip screen, it will keep everyone on stage, worship leader or pastor confident with a screen that shows them how much time is left in the service. Here is the text and warnings of the following slide. Programmatically, you can now display multiple lines of text on the “next” line. It supports Alpha Channel, NewTech Tricaster AirSand and BlackMagic along with NewTech NDI. Whether you want a more traditional production setup or want to step into the world of wireless production equipment, Easy Worship software can fit your weekly workflow.

EasyWorship is powerful yet simple church presentation software. Organize your entire church service — lyrics, scriptures, announcements, videos, and sermon notes — in one place, quickly and efficiently. Experience software uniquely designed to meet the needs of churches large and small around the world. EasyWorship is church presentation software that provides users with a variety of tools to create their entire service, including scriptures, song lyrics, announcements, sermon notes, and videos in one place. The solution offers native iOS and Android mobile apps to monitor and control services from anywhere.


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EasyWorship’s layout can be customized to suit the specific needs of each church, and users can expand or collapse timeline and resource area items as needed. Viewing the live output gives users the ability to preview the content as it will be shown to your audience. The built-in presentation designer and theme designer gives users full control over the slides, media, and display of ads/alerts for their service. Integrations with media providers such as Centerline New Media, Skit Guys, and Hyper Pixels Media allow users to download media directly into their service offering. EasyWorship includes daycare alerts that allow communication with parents without interrupting services and message alerts to notify prayer teams when it’s time to pray.

Communications can also be transmitted directly to the stage screen. The remote app for Android and iOS allows users to view and control their service hours from anywhere. EasyWorship is reliable, easy-to-use church presentation software that meets the needs of churches, large and small, all over the world. Create your entire worship service, from song lyrics to sermon slides, quickly and efficiently in one place. It is easy to integrate into your live broadcast and personalized service.

EasyWorship is software designed to create presentations for use in churches. While many other presentation applications are available in the market such as Microsoft Powerpoint and Prezi.EasyWorship is specifically designed for religious services. Their system is based on the audiovisual components that are part of a successful church presentation and is set up to make it as easy as possible for you to create a presentation that conveys your message to your congregation. The program includes a set of multimedia and customization tools to use when creating your presentation. EasyWorship combines a presentation designer with a theme designer.

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Among them, you’ll be able to create your own sermon slides using a variety of tools and effects, adjust transparency, reflections, and other elements, and make sure they all fit together with other aspects of your church ministry into a cohesive theme. You can ensure that your speech is visually appealing and easy to follow. EasyWorship takes full advantage of wireless capabilities. The app is compatible with Alpha Channel, BlackMagic, and NewTek, allowing you to connect a variety of devices including a camera, projector, and mixer while distributing presentations to mobile devices and the cloud.

This means that you can aim for your sermon to be technologically advanced rather than the expected simple presentation, and you can communicate with your parishioners using a variety of different devices on a regular basis. EasyWorship has powerful multimedia capabilities and can embed DVDs as well as video material from the integrated media store. Whether you want a simple combination of text and image or prefer to include complex multimedia as a way to get your message across, the features that come with EasyWorshiip will come in very handy. However, some users may prefer less specialized and more user friendly presentation software.

EasyWorship is church presentation software with full PowerPoint support. It also comes with a presentation designer for creating/editing presentations; You can add text, graphics, videos, songs, etc. The Pro version has additional streaming features such as NewTek AirSend support. This app has a Scripture Reflow feature that allows you to drag and drop multiple verses at the time of service (instead of a huge block of text), giving your audience a better experience. The cult EasyWorship 7 recently shipped with some new features and an attractive price for existing customers who already have version 6.


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Owners of MediaShout, Pro Presenter, Proclaim, or one of the other worship software tools that will be offered at church will want to take a closer look at EasyWorship 7, especially if you’re not happy with what you already have. The review below focuses on the new features and includes a brief overview of this version’s sleek new user interface and design. EasyWorship 7 has some new features, including Alpha channel videos. This means that you can present videos transparently. Presentations can include transparent video clips so that the person creating the presentation can layer the video on top of other slide elements in the background.

Perhaps you want to display text on the left side of the screen and have a looping video that only covers the right half of the screen. Alpha Channel’s new video support will allow you to do this without having to create a whole new video formatted in this way, and those videos can be reused as well. The new feature supports layers, so you can place a static background with text, alpha channel video with part of the screen transparent at the top, bottom, or side by side. Previously, the user interface was only displayed in a light, mostly white theme. You can now work on a dark theme for the user interface.

This prevents the computer screen from looking too bright in a dark room, which could disturb other worshipers. It is also easier on the eyes in such configurations for the person controlling the software. EasyWorship 7 now also offers an app for iOS (but not yet for Android) that will control the software remotely using your iPhone or iPad. Check out the table in EasyWorship to move from one bracket to the next. The app also works as a remote viewer.


  • Design your way:

Between EasyWorship’s presentation maker and powerful theme designer, you can unleash your creativity! Use Presentation Designer to design your worship and sermon slides with transparency, reflections, text outlines, and bullets. With Theme Designer, you can design a unified theme for each section of your church service.

  • Moment notice:

Black, logo and clear: three buttons you can’t live without! Use the black button when you don’t know what’s coming next, the logo button to help fill in the space between worship and message, and the erase button to quickly delete lyrics when adding that extra chorus at the last minute. .

  • Video editor:

Need to show only a portion of a DVD or video file in your speech or advertisement? With EasyWorship, you can! Simply use the Video Clip Editor to select the exact clip you want and drag and drop it onto your service schedule. it is easy.

  • Compatibility:

EasyWorship supports most popular video formats including MP4, M4V, MOV and WMV for faster, easier and easier setup! No need to use conversion or third party codecs.

  • All the media you need:

Why go to multiple places to get what you need? With EasyWorship’s integrated media store, you can download the media you need directly into your software. Just click on the web button and choose the best pieces of media from Skit Guys, Centerline New Media, Hyper Pixels Media, and more!

  • Your way alerts:

Use daycare alerts to get parents’ attention without interrupting worship service. Or use message alerts to let the prayer team know when to pray for people. Alerts are a great way to communicate with your congregation while keeping your church service running smoothly.


  • Lots of time-saving features
  • Various aspects of the Church’s work can be observed.
  • Keep all information in one place
  • Easy sharing of media with church members


  • Difficult to use for non-tech savvy users

System requirements:

  • It can run on Microsoft Windows XP, VISTA, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.
  • It can also run on Mac OS and Linux operating systems.
  • Minimum 2.0 GHz processor required.
  • 512MB of RAM must be required.
  • It can only work on 32 and 64-bits.
  • At least a 200 MB Disk must be needed.

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