Easy2Boot 2.17 Crack With Full Version Free Download 2023


Easy2Boot 2.17 Crack With Full Version Free Download

Easy2Boot is a free* highly configurable multiboot software with USB drive that supports UEFI Secure Boot. It is one of the most useful bootable media tools being small and fast.The downloadable application allows you to create a multiboot USB on a standard USB flash drive, but it also supports external USB drives (both SSDs and HDDs). There are tons of YouTube videos, a quick setup guide, and plenty of other info like an Easy2Boot forum, an FAQ section, a blog, and three developer e-books.The requirements of today’s expert software users are always growing.

Whether you’re an IT expert working with a variety of clients or a skilled hobbyist, having a multiboot USB makes the job a lot easier. There are dozens of multiboot USB tools on the market, but one of the best is Easy2Boot available at www.easy2boot.com. Let’s take a detailed look at what makes Easy2Boot one of the best apps for setting up and maintaining a multiboot USB. Let’s start with the basics. Multiboot USB Tool is a software application that turns your everyday USB stick into a Swiss army knife for tech geeks.

Multiboot USB devices allow the user to run multiple bootable programs and operating systems from a single USB drive. These programs and operating systems work without having to be installed on the computer you are connecting them to. This means that you can safely run programs and test or repair systems without leaving a trace on the host computer. There are as many reasons to use a USB Multiboot Tool as there are programs you can run! The most common is the need to boot into a wide variety of operating systems.


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If you ever need to try out a particular Linux distro or install Windows, this will be the most time-saving way to get it done. It’s so much easier than installing and dual booting dozens of operating systems or, I shiver when I think about it, hot swapping custom OS hard drives! Other reasons to use a multiboot USB are for people interested in the more clinical side of computing. If you are into IT, penetration testing or system recovery, a multiboot USB is mandatory. These tools allow you to run any number of programs without “touching” the host computer.

So, if you have a device that can’t boot, has been crushed by malware or you’ve been troubleshooting, a multiboot USB tool is in place! The old days of making multi-boot USB was a big problem. You had to install every ISO, Live CD, . bin separately. USB bootloaders have often been choppy and require a regular update to keep them running when new ISO files are released – Easy2Boot makes us skip all of this. With Easy2Boot, all you have to do is perform a one-time installation of Easy2Boot on a USB flash drive, and you’re done! truly!

After that, installing software packages or ISO files is easy. You just need to connect Easy2Boot USB and drag and drop the required software (eg ISO file) into the correct directories, and then you are good to go! Easy2Boot dynamically creates a new boot menu every time you load it, so there’s no need to update on your end. If you want to switch software payloads, say you want to replace or add the latest Ubuntu distro, all you have to do is drag and drop the new files and delete the old ones.


Easy2Boot 2.17 With Crack For Windows  2023

Easy2Boot v2 USB drive can UEFI boot to “agFM” grub2 menu system and can mount ISO/VHD/IMG/EFI files directly (if UEFI “agFM” boot files were added to partition 2 when it was created). In addition, you can convert the payload to a .imgPTN partition image file using the MPI Tool Kit (a Windows utility). Then you copy the .imgPTN file to the E2B USB drive. Using the boot menu, you can then select any of the .imgPTN files. This will then immediately replace the Easy2Boot 1 partition with the contents of the .imgPTN file (alternatively you can use the Switch_E2B.

exe utility to swap in any .imgPTN file). Once the .imgPTN file has been “swapped”, you can boot UEFI (even UEFI Secure Boot) directly from the USB drive. In this way, you can have hundreds of secure UEFI bootable images such as Windows Installers, Linux Installers, Linux Live OS, WindowsToGo OS, MemTest86, KonBoot, etc. all on the same USB drive. Back in the day, updating a multiboot USB sometimes meant scraping and rebuilding your existing USB drive. This, fortunately, is not the case with Easy2Boot. The update process with Easy2Boot couldn’t be more accessible.

When it comes to updating drivers, ISOs, and other software payloads within Easy2Boot Multiboot USB, you’re dragging and dropping new items into their directories. This is it! You can use the same drag-and-drop utility to get rid of old programs, drag and drop them into their subfolder – say a subfolder of old versions – or leave it! This is the software update on the Easy2Boot drive, but what about updating the drive itself.


  • Boot MBR directly from USB drive to unmodified files: .ISO, .IMA, .IMG, .VHD, .VHDX, .WIM, WinBuilder WinPE ISOs, Windows Install ISOs, Linux ISOs, FreeDOS, Hirens ISOs, MemTest86, Diagnostics, Repair software, antivirus cleaners, etc. etc.
  • The file extension determines how E2B boots from it. E2B recognizes many additional “special” file extensions.
  • Secure UEFI64-Boot directly from ISO files using a1ive’s grub2 agFM menu system (with E2B enhancements).
  • Add new payloads fast! Burning a large ISO file to a USB drive is much faster than extracting hundreds of smaller ISO files. It’s also much easier to back up and delete a single file when you don’t need it.
  • E2B Download is a Windows executable file. exe is self-extracting that allows you to create a multiboot NTFS USB drive with just a few mouse clicks.
  • You can also create an E2B USB drive with Linux using a bash shell script (the script is available in a .zip download file).
  • You can add your files, apps, mobile apps, etc. to the USB drive.
  • UEFI booting (including secure boot) can also be performed by converting UEFI bootable payloads (ISO files, disk images, flash drives, etc.) to .imgPTN files (partition images). Use the MPI Tool Pack to create .imgPTN files for MBR + UEFI boot (supports secure boot). Adding a second FAT32 partition will allow you to secure UEFI booting of UEFI images.


  • UEFI can be booted by converting payloads to .imgPTN files
  • MPI Tool Pack to create .imgPTN files to run MBR + UEFI
  • Easy to maintain – just burn your ISO files/files
  • Directly MBR-boots .ISO, .IMA, .IMG, .VHD, .VHDX, .WIM, WinBuilder WinPE ISOs, Windows Install ISOs, etc.
  • More than 300 different types of ISO files and payload files supported
  • USB flash drives are supported
  • Designed to work on a variety of different systems, even those with buggy/twisted BIOSes
  • Easy2Boot’s menu system is free and uses NTFS and grub4dos+ scripts. Easy2Boot v2 can also add a second partition that uses agFM grub2 for UEFI boot.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE – Just copy ISO files/.imgPTN files/other files (or delete them from USB drive) – A new list is created automatically every time you boot from your E2B USB drive.
  • There is no need to reformat the E2B USB drive again, even if you want to update it to the latest version of E2B.

At The End:

  • I’m sure you’ve all tried this, but once you become a tech savvy, everyone you know will start calling you about their email not working or this weird thing that happens when they open Outlook. I’ve started learning pen testing and system restore for my own personal use, and now everyone in town seems to know I’m the unofficial “IT guy.” Honestly, with tools like Easy2Boot’s Multiboot USB, I don’t mind it a bit.

System requirements:

  • It can run on Microsoft Windows XP, VISTA, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.
  • It can also run on Mac OS and Linux operating systems.
  • Minimum 2.0 GHz processor required.
  • 512MB of RAM must be required.
  • It can only work on 32 and 64 bits.
  • At least a 200 MB Disk must be needed.

Serial key:





License key:





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Easy2Boot 2.17 Crack With Full Version Free Download